Get ready for the summer with our fantastic range of sturdy portable good looking bbq’s

The “Crystal” Mini-Kettles come in a range of fantastic colours and will brighten up every garden, beach and/or campsite. They can be put together in 10 minutes flat and each has a carry handle, clips and legs to make them fully portable.

1096N_Crystal_01_rgb 1148_Crystal_01 1098N_Crystal_01 1097N_Crystal_01







Or the “Cube”, available in three colours, these are enormously sturdy and ready for all sorts of action. With a grill surface of 31x31cm you’re going to be ready steady and cook for good numbers. With the removable grill and carry handle you’re cooking as soon as the charcoal has gone white!!

1142_Cube_03 1144_Cube_01 1143_Cube_07

We’ve plenty of quality cooking tools as well, and none of the cheaper bendy stuff mind,  affordably priced stainless steel. Give our Sausage and Burger Turners a try and never again lose your food !!







We’re sorry but we don’t sell online but we are happy to post any items to you in the most economic way. As a guide £5 for a BBQ. Give us a call on 01394 382091 if you’d like to order one.