Slow-cookers “as useful as my kettle”

I am by no means an expert cook, but I can say that I create some tasty meals with a little help from my CrockPot 3.5 litre; which gives me servings for 2 to 4 people.

I use a slow-cooker simply because I’m at work all week, it’s time saving if you’ve got evening plans like gym, clubs, meetings, etc… my slow-cooker is as important  to me as the kettle.

Really you can’t go wrong. Tonight I had slow cooked lamb stew. In from work at 6pm, served, finished and cleaned up by 6.30pm.

T15894504_1050096841786113_5656172475247809935_nhe previous night I prepped my slow cooker with lamb. Of course you can put any meat in, though I would say if it’s a sausage casserole, you need to fry the sausages first to harden the skins, and for a chicken if whole ( my 3.5 litre takes a medium sized chicken) I lways foil the base or you get loose bone’s and the base of a chicken is not so nice.

Back to the lamb, drizzle olive oil  to the sides and base of the slow cooker, season with salt/pepper, dice up any veg of your choice, place everything into the pot, add herbs, garlic, or whatever you feel will bring out the flavor of your dish, left over mint sauce is great with lamb, Next, add in the uncooked lamb, diced, shank, or on the bone, it does not matter, and NO I don’t fry to seal that’s the whole point of saving time with one pot cooking.

I add a Schwartz sachet. Add all the contents, give a big stir, put the lid on, place in fridge overnight to let everything marinade. In the morning remove the ovenproof dish from the fridge, place it into the slow-cooker, plug in and turn on – there are three switches on the front; 1. Low 2. High 3. Keep warm – I use the Low (1) setting if I’m cooking slowly during the day. I also find that it’s great as it’s a very low electric usage compared to the oven running all day.

That’s it, done !! Off I go to work and I come home to a lovely cooked meal.

Hope this helps if you’re deciding on whether to buy a slow-cooker.

Enjoy x Becky

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