We’ve got the best range of colours for tea and coffeeware locally and whilst sadly we don’t stock tea and coffee you’ll find plenty of great local independents who can help.

A recent addition is a simply superb range of canteens and tumblers from Corkcicle which will keep your drinks hot and cold for an amazing length of time, and in some pretty lush colours too.

The Tumbler is triple insulated and with a shatterproof drink through lid so your drinks stay hot for three hours and cold for 9+!

The lovely Canteen keeps juice, smoothies water, wine, cocktails and beer seriously cold for up to 25 hours, but tea and coffee piping hot for as much as 12 hours…..WOW!

Corkcicle Tumbler 16oz Blue SteelFeb15-1722

Corkcicle Tumbler 16oz Matte Black

Corkcicle Tumbler 16oz Grey

Corkcicle Canteen 9oz Turquoise

Corkcicle Canteen 9oz Pink








If you’re looking for teapots, cafetières and stove-top espresso then your cup runneth’ over as we stock from a range of suppliers including La Cafetiere, London Pottery, Price & Kensington and KitchenCraft, plus as many mugs and cups that you could shake a stick at – we’ve too many to illustrate here on the website so come in and have a browse – we’re pretty sure that you’ll find what you’re looking for

La Caf shelf pic (1) (1) 5176587_1 (1) Barcelona tepots portrait (1) Copper additions pic (1)

Are you a cup and saucer person or do you cherish a good old hug in a mug? Whether you like hot water and lemon, afternoon tea in the fine china or the strongest of espressos, we have the cup that will fit your needs (and your hand) perfectly. We also have the kettles, coffee machines, sugar bowls, milk jugs and tea storage jars that will make the whole experience from the idea to the last sip absolute bliss.