We’ve sourced our knives from some of the best suppliers and like to think that we’ve a knife for each and every requirement, from everyday paring knives to mid-range and chef quality professional knives; Global, Victorinox, Sabatier and Robert Welch

Choosing a knife is a very personal decision, you’ll not be investing in knives every day so choosing the right handle and blade is crucial.

Whether you prefer the heavier weighted handle or a lighter and more flexible blade, come in and see us and feel how each knife feels in your hand.

We’ll help you to find the right knife for the job at hand and give you practical advice of how best care for your knife to get years of service from it.

We stock a range of knife sharpeners from Kitchen Devil, Robert Welch and Global which are designed to suit the blades, but if you’re looking for a one size fits all sharpener then how about the AnySharp Pro

Good knives don’t have to be expensive and our range includes all of the following well known brands to suit every budget

Robert Welch Signature


Global Knives

Sabatier Veritable

Taylors Eye Witness Professional

Stella James Martin

Kitchen Devils

Kuhn Rikon