We’ve all come across the age-old problem of what to buy for someone who seemingly has everything.

We love a challenge and equally love to go out into the market to find new products that will hopefully overcome this particularly challenge for us all. So whether it’s a cheeky little mug or something a bit more thought provoking like a cheese-making kit, do pop into the shop and hopefully we’ll have something that helps you out with your dilemma.

Artisan food and DIY food kits are all the rage so how about one of the following if you want something slightly different ?

Cheese, cheese glorious cheese

These fantastic kits from The Big Cheese Company have been very popular both in the sense that you know where your cheese comes from, but the cheese taste so good. Really simple instructions to follow, so much so we’ve even made it in the shop at the counter on a Sunday !! A great selection of kits are available:

The Ultimate: make 10 different cheeses, Mozarella, Ricotta, Mascarpone, Halloumi, Feta, Scottish Crowdie, Labneh, Goat’s Cheese, Queso Blanco, Paneer
Mozzarella and Ricotta
Mediterranean: make 4 different cheeses with this kit: Mozzarella, Ricotta, Mascarpone, Halloumi and Feta

The Big Cheese Making KitThe Big Cheese Making Kit 070The Big Cheese Making Kit 067The Big Cheese Making Kit 091mozzarella

Halloumi The Big Cheese making Kit Full Set Kits 022 (1) THE ULTIMATE CHEESE MAKING KIT 005

Local chocolate is the best chocolate !!

We’re exceptionally proud to stock what we reckon might be one of the finest chocolates to be produced in the UK, and certainly it’s a bonus that the beans are roasted, matured and tempered into bars up the road in Orford !! If you haven’t tried Pump Street Chocolate then you really must; this isn’t a stuff it all in chocolate, like a good wine you need to let the flavours come through, the longer it sits in your mouth.

_MG_4903-Edit Pump St Bakery Easter-436-Edit PSC Jamaica 75%

Not just for the fella’s !! Cure your salmon and bacon woes

You know when you’ve had a properly cured meat or fish, the taste is fantastic, so the fact that you can cure you own fish and meat according to your own tastes is not only a bit of good fun and but something to impress your friends, family and loved ones with. Ross and Ross Curing Kits have one won the Food and Drink Gift Awards for 2017 so you can be sure of buying for yourself or someone else a well regarded award winning product !!

salmon-board_sq bacon-kit (1) Bacon-kit-over-head_sq