Are these the best BBQ’s locally, why buy a disposable now !?

Forget about disposable bbq’s now that our new range of Mini-Kettle and Bucket BBQ’s are in stock.

DSC_1206_1We’ve the most fantastic range of colours available and they’re extraordinarily good value with the Bucket’s at £14.99 and the Mini-Kettle’s at £27.99.

To put these prices into context, dispoables cost anything up to a £5 and frankly sometimes they don’t light so you cut your fingers lifting the grill to get at the lighter paper and then they’re all fire and brimstone for 20 minutes and when you want to cook, they’ve lost their heat.

For the price of 3 dispoables you’ve got a beautful looking product from us that’s going to last all summer and turn a few heads !!

Both ranges have legs so you’ll get a good heat from underneath from a good air flow, each have handles to carry about, and best of all you’ll have them put together in 5 minutes and you’re ready to drop on the bangers.



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